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o tamanho das fotos do blog é quadrado 480x480         apien quis dapibus. 

— john
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Tamanho de imagem para fundo - criar no picmonkey 2000x600

Pode-se criar semi transparente layer ou recortar para fazer fundo diferente


Para criar icons ir a e criar/ mudar cores


Criar mockup para computador, tablet em www,


Full-width background images should be saved at 2500px wide, while other images do not need to be larger 1500px wide. In some situations, like a headshot or a small graphic, saving the image at a smaller width is ideal. Smaller files = faster site!

If you're creating graphics in a system that allows you to choose the color mode, be sure to save your images in RGB color mode and not CMYK. CMYK is used for physical printing, while RGB is used for digital color.

 compress your images. My favorite place to do this is JPEGmini: